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Rob examined the map carefully. After checking his starting location, he quickly noticed, that the felled forest was much bigger than he originally expected. Then, after checking his journey from point to point, everything was clear.

Okay, so this is the southern part of this thing. I should pick one direction in the future instead of zigzagging like that...

Since the crisis was averted, Rob had nothing left to do but sleep. The place wasn't even half as comfortable as the sofa back in the Residential Area, an whoever looked for an easy kill could spot him from miles away, but he still preferred staying here instead of finding himself in a close encounter with a bear, wolf, or whatever else inhabited this island. Rob took one more sip of his bonus water bottle, crossed his arms around the chest and forgot about his problems for the rest of the night.



Rob opened his eyes immediately, as the sounds of a horribly made hip-hop filled the area.

The resting spot turned out to be not as bad as Rob originally thought. His neck was a bit sore, but after a while, the redhead decided it was still a gently massage and giant pleasure... At least in comparison to the wakeup from hell he received.

Since his earliest years, Rob never tolerated the alarm clocks. Those thing should all go to hell in his opinion. He didn't need them anyway, as after every training day he was so tired, he fell asleep in the evening and woke up early in the morning. But even if not, he preferred to be late for school rather than wake up suddenly and have an awful mood for the rest of the day. So did everyone else, as Rob Jenkins in a bad mood = major problem for the first person to piss him off.

And this time, Rob was already pissed. He also didn't have to look far to find his victim.

Some brown haired guy with an iPod and small, yet powerful speakers. At first, Rob thought he was still dreaming. After all, how could it be possible? How the hell that guy managed keep his iPod and speakers? More importantly, why the FUCK he was turning on the crappy music at full volume, knowing that there is someone sleeping nearby? Rob blinked a few times, but the guy was still there, and the music was still violating his ears.

This guy is so dead...

Even despite the circumstances, Rob still only meant a beating at best while thinking that. He learned about the rules. Killing too many people during the earlier days was just not smart, especially with that Danya fucker apparently telling the entire island about every death during the morning announcements.

Speaking of the devil, the speaker somewhere far away screeched, and Danya's voice started spreading the 'good news'. Or at least that's what Rob guessed, as he couldn't really hear any single sentence properly, thanks to the two insane clowns rapping right into his ears.

Rob stood up and looked at the bothersome guy again. He looked like he completely ignored Rob, but maybe that's just the sunglasses the guy was wearing. But then again, he also looked like he didn't even know he was on an island with an objective to kill. He acted like a typical american tourist during vacations.

"Uhm... Dude?" Rob tried to say something, but he could barely hear his owns words over the sound of the music. Since the guy again didn't look like he noticed him, Rob waved his hands a bit to get his attention. When he was sure he did, he cleared his throat, and overcome the sound with his golden thought of the week:

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