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How cute.
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[Girl #48 - Kaitlin Anderheim. Continued from Extinguishing the Light of the Future.

Apologize for the delay in getting Kaitlin back with Max and Peter]

Her lungs and her legs and her feet, everything was aching, screaming for a moment of rest, demanding that brief reprieve from the constant running; She didn't know how long she had been at it, how far she had run or where she was headed. She didn't know how many times she got turned around, how many noises gave her reason to flee or what it was that made her start running to begin with; All she knew now was that she was tired, that her legs were burning, that she just wanted to stop. But no matter how badly she wanted to, she couldn't bring herself to do it, not yet... not until she heard the gunshot. The shouting. It was close, and the voices were familiar; Just a little further, just a little longer and she would have cought up with them.

She kept running.

"Max! Peter!"

She called out from afar as she closed the distance between them, as she came ever closer to the two boys; At least, until she realized what it was that Max had said, what he had shouted. He didn't want to do it? Do what? It had to have had something to do with the gunshot, it just had to... but what did he do? He couldn't have shot someone, he just couldn't; He was nice, she thought he was nice, he couldn't have hurt someone, he just couldn't...

How can you be so sure?

She couldn't.

She didn't know him, didn't know what he was like in school or what he would be like here, didn't know what he was capable of or what he would do to others... to her. She slowed down. There they were, Peter and Max, with others further away; The source of the gunfire, the shouting, the fear that began creeping back into her mind as she resisted the urge to pull Theodore from her bag, to hold the bear close and find safety in that fluff filled fabric memory. Those marble eyes, that comforting sewn on smile, the warmth and safe feelings it would grant her. But she couldn't run away again, not now, not after she had called out and made herself known to Peter and Max, to the other two in the distance.

Were they still the ones who could keep her safe?

Or were they the ones who would hurt her?

I don't know...

She couldn't move.
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