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"Yeah, uh, no problem at all." Andrew replied with a nod to the other sprinter...Isaiah was his name. He felt so much better now that he could connect a face with the person and he ran over to the other boy, his feet slogging in the sand as he knelt next to the corpse. He really wished he didn't have to, though, as he felt his stomach churn as he saw bullet hole that had been drilled into his classmate's forehead. The fact that this student, whoever it was, looked like a fat slob didn't help matters. Andrew knew it was bad to insult someone after they were dead, but they were dead and frankly didn't give a damn whether or not someone thought they had an ugly mug and enough folds of fat to suffocate someone. Andrew tried to stifle a snicker as he thought about it. He had nothing against fat people...well, he really did. Since he spent time trying to keep himself fit and make himself look good, he never really understood why others couldn't be bothered to go jogging or just lift weights for an hour to help lose some weight.

'Anyway, that's enough time mocking the dead. It really is in bad taste, after all.' Andrew thought to himself, quickly brushing away the thought of the student suddenly rising from the ground like some sort of zombie because of it. Moving away from the motionless body, he began digging into the ground with his hands. It was slow and mostly annoying work because the sand kept falling into the hole he was making, but at least he could see some progress with it. He guessed he was around halfway done when he heard someone else shouting in the distance.

'Who the hell is that?' He turned to the sound and saw someone else he barely recognized stumble over the sand and then trip and fall after a slurred mumble of something that only a drunk person would be able to fully understand. Andrew wrinkled his nose a bit but paid him no mind, going back to digging. He probably should have been concerned...after all, the person could have just been shot or stabbed in the back like some movie hero, staggering for safety before falling unconscious from blood loss. But really, from looking at him Andrew could only think that he was drunk and because of it, he really didn't give a damn about the other guy. 'Hell, I might as well put him out of his damn misery and shoot him in the head.'

Andrew froze at the rogue thought and hurriedly thought of something else. Like how one of the other grave diggers was talking to himself like some sort of crazy person. He cast a glance at the kid, wondering why he was talking to a very dead person. He also wondered where he was going to find food on the expansive beach, but just shrugged it off as he ran away. It wasn't his problem and he doubted the other kid was going to return with something like a gun and go, "Hasta la vista, grave digger suckers!"

He continued to dig. In this whole game of craziness and death, the dead should at least be honored with a grave.
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