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Hayley was...she didn't want to say content, since then she'd be pretty much dooming herself to something awful happening in the next few minutes, but it still seemed like the right word. She took a moment to splash her face with the ocean water- clearing off the small amount of blood that had dried there, along with the last of her pathetically smudged eyeliner- and took a deep breath. She was content, content to watch the ocean, cold and quiet as it was, content to let the water do all the work in washing the blood from her skin, content to lose herself in the arms of he-who-would-(unfortunately)-be-her-last-love.

...Well, she was content until she started thinking about it like that.

Not willing to let her thoughts linger in that direction, she kissed him again. Harder, this time, with a tinge of last-chance desperation behind it. This time it wasn't him she was trying to distract. She needed to distract herself. Pretend for a little while longer that they weren't both going to die very, very soon, pretend for a little longer that they were on a goddamn camping trip and they'd just sneaked out for a romantic swim in the moonlight. Hayley was generally really really good at pretending and she damn well was gonna take advantage of that.

Maybe take advantage of a couple of other things, too.

Oh, whoa, hold on, brain, remember that 'not a good time for this' memo you got a few minutes ago? It meant that this is not a good time for this.

Her mind could say whatever the fuck it wanted, but Hayley's body had made up its mind.

She pressed into Kyle, pushing him down as far as she dared, getting as close to on top of him as she could without actually pushing him in the water. It felt good, somehow, acting like this. It felt normal. It felt like she was regaining a tiny bit of control in this really, really uncontrollable situation. It felt like a damn lot of other things that Hayley wouldn't have chosen to relate to her audience, though given her choice of action it was pretty obvious. One hand tangled in his hair, the other hand skimmed over his bare chest, and dammit, she was in her element.

Pathetic as that is. Whatever, how perfect is this, though? Like, in books that go like this doesn't the couple in love survive? Well, unless they fuck, then they're screwed. Literally. Haha...hah...wait, that's horror movies I'm thinking of. This is like, some young adult fiction bullshit. The couple in love always lives. Well, at least one of them does. Oh whatever with my fucking thoughts right now-


She froze.

Hayley, maybe just a bit reluctantly, separated from Kyle, trying to wrap her mind around the voice she'd just heard. It's...how'd she find us? Where has she been? Is she okay? Has she fought anyone? Did she get a decent weapon at least? Is someone helping her? Is someone protecting her? And a smaller voice, further back in her mind- Why'd she have to come NOW, of all times?

But all that was overpowered by one thought, simplistic as it was.


Ema's here. Ema's okay. Ema's alive.

Ema. Emaemaemaemaemaema-

She stood and ran for the voice, quickly spotting the figure on the sand, another ghost in the moonlight. Even in the pale light that hair burned orange, and Hayley could have cried out from joy at the sight of it. She was prepared to keep running, hug the hell out of her ex-girlfriend, possibly knock her into the sand out of pure enthusiasm, but suddenly she remembered a couple of things.

I'm soaking wet. I'm wearing basically nothing.

That was never more true than now, seeing as the scraps of fabric she still had on were made even more see-through by their dampness.

...And I was just all over Kyle. Could she see that? ...She definitely heard it.

...And now we genre-shift to fucking soap opera.

She was right in front of Ema now. She didn't reach out to her. If she was right about what Ema had seen, or heard, and if she knew Ema- and she was pretty sure she did- there was a verbal beating waiting for her. Hayley didn't really care.

"Ema...you're alive. I was...so worried..."

Hayley's bloodied sword lay in the sand nearby, the metal glinting way-too-obviously in the moonlight. Hayley resolved to ignore it for as long as was humanly possible.

The whole 'yeah I'm like naked in the ocean with my boyfriend who is totally not you' thing is bad enough without the whole 'oh and I also decapitated some boy' thing.

...God, this is my life, isn't it?
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