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(Mirabelle Nesa continued from Take, Eat)

Her fight with Garret had taken longer than she had anticipated, and by the time she'd gone after Machete she had not been able to find her. The same strange, terrible happiness which had taken hold of her during her fight with Garret refused to release her, and without flinching she'd continued on, wading through whatever she needed to wade to. She was not even suffering, in the proper sense of the word; a fierce ecstasy kept her aloft, kept her moving.

She heard the names named. Heard that her schoolmates had died. And yet she could still keep moving. She wondered at that.

Day wore into night, Belle rested when she needed to, ate when she was hungry, and continued to move. At a certain point, having not seen Maddy in some time, Belle assumed the other girl had gone her own way. Mentally, Belle wished her well; for now, Belle had other concerns. With so little artifical light, the stars and moon provided terrific illumination; ahead of her she saw a boy stumbling up his own way. Not wanting to scare him, Belle began to move in a different direction, but then the boy sank onto the ground and Belle had a much harder time ignoring him.

She didn't hesitate; she moved closer. One of the football players, she thought; K-something. She wasn't sure what to say. Why had he collapsed? Was he hurt?

"Are you alright?" she asked, keeping her voice low.
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