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((Skipping for activity and death type purposes, sorry for the shortpost.))

Seemed they were drawing a crowd. "Yeah, no worries, they were dead when we got here. Right, Dougal?" The ghost's facepalming was beginning to become a pattern. "Al. They can't hear me." "...Oh, right." He looked back at the group, before relaying the message. "Yeah, Dougal says it's cool."

His stomach growling, Al decided he couldn't wait any longer. "I'm gonna go see if I can find us some food, alright? I'll be right back." He climbed out of the pit, then motioned for his friend to follow. "C'mon, Dougal, let's go!"

Exasperated, Dougal let out a loud sigh. "Why me?"

((Albert Lions continued in Where There Is Fire, We Will Carry Gasoline))
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