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'I can't believe I wish I was back home with my parents...' Melissa thought to herself as she gave up looking for some...stick or rock or whatever Aislyn was looking for. She was tired, her head was pounding, and she wasn't even sure what time it was. She just felt terrible in general and wanted nothing more than to find herself back home, get yelled at her parents for letting her appearance deteriorate so much, and take a nice, long shower. She wasn't used to slogging through swamps, hiking up mountains, and walking halfway across a freaking island. She wasn't used to freaking out about someone killing her and she definitely wasn't used to some jolly, possibly fat, man rattle down names of her dead classmates.

The worst part was that she knew one of the names on his list...one of the killers. She sighed, tears beginning to form in her eyes as she thought about Rob Jenkins. From all she knew of him at school, he was a nice guy...a little frazzled and rough, but well-meaning with an honest desire to better himself in life. 'Was I wrong about him at school? Did he ever think about killing someone before? What happened...did he just cold-bloodedly kill her? Was there a fight? Was it an accident? ...I wish I could just talk to him and find out but I'm scared. What if he kills me too...?'

The stress from her life just compounded on itself and she was feeling absolutely terrible. Grinding her knuckles into her forehead in a half-hearted attempt to make the pain go away, she sat back down. 'Mom...Dad, I'll do anything you want me to. I promise. I'll study hard like I always have...I'll practice the piano. I'll make you two proud of me, I promise. I don't care how much you yell at me...you're right. Just get me out of here, please...'

Life never was so convenient that a heartfelt beg would make wishes come true and Melissa knew she was still on the island when she heard Samaya's cheery voice come to her ears, concern obvious in her words. She lifted her head to give the other girl a smile. "S-Sorry...I'm just not used to so much...activity. And I didn't want to be the one slowing us down so...chalk it down to foolish pride?" She gave a self-depreciating laugh before tucking her head in between her knees again and closing her eyes. She wished she could just fall asleep like that other girl, Felicia, but Mr. Sandman was being a huge jerk and not coming to her. With the throbbing in her head and the pounding in her chest, she doubted she'd ever get any sleep unless she simply fell unconscious.

"You bring shame to the Li family!"

Melissa gave a start, looking around for the source of her father's voice. Seeing no one else besides the same three girls she had been traveling with since the beginning of this damn game, she just laughed softly to herself and buried her face into her arms. 'Great, I'm going crazy now. Hearing my dad's voice out of nowhere. I wonder if he's watching the game right now...watching me. He wouldn't say something like that about a game like this. Sure, if it had been me doing badly on a test or a quiz...but in Survival of the Fittest? Of course not...'

"You have to put your fullest effort into everything! To do anything else is to fail not only yourself but all your ancestors!"

'Shut up!' Melissa flinched as she heard her father's voice again. She had no clue what the hell was going on and she wanted it to stop. To try to put the full effort into Survival of the Fittest, a game devoted to killing as much people as possible, was something only a crazy murderer would do and Melissa was one-hundred percent certain her father didn't want her to be one. She didn't know where the voice was coming from, but she'd like it if her mind would stop bringing it up. It was getting annoying, hearing her overbearing father's voice echo at a time when she wanted nothing more than peace and listening to the beautiful sounds of the 1812 Overture.

"I'm...uh, going to see if I can take a short nap. Is that okay?" Melissa asked, her voice sounding dead as she drooped on the ground. She was low on energy, high on stress, and she didn't want to think about anything as long as she was on this stupid island. Ignorance was bliss.
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