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((Isabel Guerra continued from Time is Not on Our Side))

((Also, this post was a team effort. Teeaaam!))

Dave, Isabel and Charlie had gotten to know each other. The three sat on the greens, watching the sun set after walking since they had awoken shortly after sunrise.

During the first hour of their walk they had been quiet. Isabel was still shaken from the announcements, Dave was complaining about the misty morning and Charlie was fussing with her hair.

During the third hour they started talking a little more. Dave and Isabel told Charlie about their day trip to the fun fair and the magic mirror house, while Charlie told them about being bashed in the face with a hammer and narrowly avoiding getting her ass capped.

Into the fourth hour they began to argue about who had had the worst day. Sure Charlie had taken a hammer to the nose, but Dave and Isabel had endured poetry from the dark, tortured soul of a goth chick. In the end they reasoned the two just about evened out.

On the fifth hour they began to get bored with chatter.

“Why don’t we play a game?” asked Isabel.

“Game? Sure. Let’s play the license plate game,” Dave sourly replied.

"Don't think we're gonna see any cars," said Charlie, equally sourly. "How about instead, every time we see a tree, we punch a Latina."

“Ummm, could you not?” Isabel frowned and clutched her trumpet protectively.

"Right. Sorry. I didn't... sorry. We're cool, right?"

At the sixth hour they tried to play a game of “Never Have I Ever” eating a little piece of a bread slice for every thing that they had done. This would have been a bit more sporting if Dave and Isabel had ever bothered to do anything. Soon they had just made it a game of trying to get Charlie to run through her bread.

“Uhh, Shit, I got this one, hang on... Never have I ever joined the cheerleading squad," said Dave.

“Oh, fuck you guys.” Charlie took a vicious bite of her slice.

They stopped for two hours to rest. The girls filled up their bottles at a river in the forest and Dave found berries that looked safe for consumption. The three sat in the dirt and smashed the berries into their bread. It wasn’t much but it certainly improved the cheap, store brand white bread.

At the ninth hour they took off and continued on. Isabel and Dave tried to keep their heads down as they saw the back of the mirror maze off in the distance. Suddenly, Dave broke the silence.



“Lay me a beat.”


“Aw come on! Lay me a beat!”


Dave turned to Charlie, strangely enthused after the hours of walking.

“Lay me a fat beat. Come on. Do it. Just fucking do it.”

“You’re joking right?”

Isabel sighed and brought the trumpet up to her mouth. She could see Charlie cringe out of the corner of her eye. She blew a note and repeated it at about the pace at which they were walking.

"Yo, sup, name's Dave. Listen up everybody, gonna be a fan fave."

"I watched a fucker get chainsawed, I'll admit"

"But keeping my chin up high, despite the grit"

"In my back, that's whack, I'm cut, and that's just smack”

"Imagine what I'm gonna do If I eventually crack."

Isabel couldn’t go on. Her notes splintered and she pulled the mouth piece away, dissolving into giggles. Charlie likewise seemed to be affected and was leaning against a tree with both hands covering her mouth as she laughed.

Despite having slept for an entire day the trio was starting to get tired again. Isabel hung back, thinking to herself while Dave and Charlie headed the front. He cautiously looked over his shoulder at Isabel.

“Looks like Hernadez back there is getting tired,” he whispered. “And here I thought she’d be used to being on her feet forever. All the jobs available to her require it. Waitress, nanny, gardener…uh…..gardener who watches kids while serving drinks….”

“Y'know, Dave, I'm actually really sad we didn't get to know each other back at school. I feel like we could've gotten to be pretty good friends, and then you'd probably start developing feelings for me that I'd never return or even notice." Charlie tossed a quick look back at the other girl as well now, then turned back to Dave. "And then Izzy would be off in the corner, stealing jobs from hard-working Americans."

Finally they reached what looked like a sports field. Charlie and Isabel ran forward out of the forest towards the grass and threw their things onto the field. Behind them Dave bitterly hobbled on his injured leg after them. The girls had sprawled out, lying down for the first time since their long sleep. Dave eventually plopped down next to them and the three basked in the orange glow of the sunset.

Isabel smiled warily at them. Charlie, in her surprise, smiled back.

For those few hours, they were on the camping trip they were promised.
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