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((Jason Clarke continued from Accidental Acrophobia))

Jason walked towards the large building as he looked at the map in his left hand: The "Hall of Mirrors." He was nervous, the announcement had seen to that.

Nineteen dead ... People were already killing each other, and there were twelve people whom he was already suspicious of, and for decent reason: they had killed. Maybe it was self-defense, but then again, maybe not. He hadn't been there, nor could he read minds, so he was going to have to trust his gut on this one. He shook his head as he tapped the sword (formerly belonging to Winnie) in his right hand on the ground. Looking ahead, he could see both Thea and Ricky along with four other people: a redhead and a blonde (were they cheerleaders?), as well as some guy who was sitting down ... Simon Telamon. The guy with the prosthetic leg. The fourth guy was the one he most easily recognizable: Roman Jackson, twin brother (and almost polar opposite to) Alexandria Jackson, Jason's prom date.

"ROMAN!" Jason strode forward, smiling. "How's it going?" Finally, a somewhat familiar face … As he walked, he noticed Simon looking at his prosthetic leg, while his left pant leg seemed empty. "Is he okay?" It was at that moment that the island was filled with feedback.

"Ladies and gentlemen of Bayview secondary school. You are making me a very happy man indeed. Not content with your fantastic showing across day one, you decided to not only match but exceed yourselves! The second day of our little competition saw twenty-one students bite the dust, buy the farm and shuffle off their mortal coils! Kids... my hat is off to you."

Twenty-one?! That made forty people dead within two days. Immediately, he dropped his sword, and took out a pencil and eraser from his pocket as he flipped over the map to continue the list he had created, but disturbed by some of the names:

Sarah Atwell. She had talked to him a couple times, mostly to help make that end-of year video. If Danya was right, she's gone psycho.

Chadd Crossen. Jason had talked to him a few times. They both shared an interest in cars and automotive science. Now he was gone too, at least without any suffering (he hoped).

Omar Burton
Alex Rasputin - x2
Chris Hartman - x2
Cleo Gabriella - x2
Reiko Ishida - x4
Nick Reid - x2
Janet Bianchi
Ivan Kuznetsov - Best Kill 1
Rob Jenkins
Stephan Kronwall
Jackie Broughten
Colin Falcone
RJ Lowe
Maxwell Lombardi - x2
Ericka Bradley
Sarah Atwell - Best Kill 2
Maria Graham
Hayley Kelly
Rachel Gettys
Madelaine Smith
David Matson
William Hearst
Naoko Raidon

Nobody's safe ... he thought, as he checked off the new danger zones (thankfully, none of them in any spot where he was) and erased the old ones.
Simon looked at the group that had collected around him. There was the blonde girl, who immediately mentioned that his left leg was prosthetic, then asked if he was okay.

"Yeah. I'm fine."

Well, there goes that secret. Then came the tall raven-haired girl, who identified the blonde girl as Acacia, and the big guy who identified Thea.

"Great. There goes my big secret." Simon pulled the bolt out of his leg, with a slight grunt as the bolt was removed from the flesh. He noted the stain that covered the first eighth of an inch of the stick. Then he pulled up his left pant leg, revealing the transtibial prosthesis mounted on his leg. Pulling it off, he looked at the housing. Shit. There were cracks in the housing. He opened his bag, looking for the first aid kit, specifically for the medical tape inside. Taping it up wasn't going to permanently fix the problem, but it would keep the housing together long enough for a permanent fix (i.e. a new housing) to be in his forseeable future. Looking at his stump, the sock seemed perfectly okay, without he exception of a small hole with some brown and red around it. It seemed that the sock for his stump had done an excellent job of controlling the (slight) bleeding. As he was taping up the plastic, yet another voice sounded out, this one sounding very British. He looked up to see ... was that Borat holding a sword? He called the guy with Acacia "Roman," then asked if Simon was okay.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Nothing a little tape can't solve." As he was taping up the housing of his leg, the feedback came up once again. Danya. He was just loving this, treating their plight like a comedy. Only one name really stuck out for Simon ...

"... Twentieth to go down was Trevor Duncan, taking a shot to the collar from William Hearst and finding himself ever so slightly deceased. ..." So Trevor was dead now. Simon didn't know whether to feel relieved (because Trevor had attacked him) or sad (because it had all been a simple misunderstanding). All he knew was that the news stung him in his leg ... and as he looked down he noted the can of antiseptic spray in his right hand, pointed directly at his wound. Oh. He had been subconsciously continuing with his task of aiding himself.

"Alright, kiddies, all the current dangerzones are cleared. But, it wouldn't be any fun if we had none, so I'm going to go ahead and name The Infirmary, The Key and The Mansion as our latest dangerzones. Don't pull a Codreanu, folks - haul ass!" The only thing that made Simon feel any better was that aside from Trevor, who probably (and did) die in an unrelated incident, nothing bad had come from the incident at the Warehouse. Clio was safe, Nick was okay, and Gary was unhurt (if a little scared).

"So, does anyone here have an idea of what to do?"
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