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The faceless fear
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((Sorry for self-terminating, but I can’t wait any longer. I know that most of you are away, but I don't want to attract the ire of the mods, especially after the second annoucement has been made. Sorry guys.))

Hermione smiled as she watched the three eat. Her stomach rumbled with slight hunger. Even the cheap Hershey’s bar looked delicious to her right now.

“Wow. Those look really good! Can I have one?” she asked politely.

She heard a buzzing noise. A mosquito was buzzing in her ear. She waved it away, but the persistent little creature kept coming. Eventually, it managed to land a bite on her neck. Hermione scratched the itching spot, her fingers coming into contact with the collar on her neck. She ran her fingers along the band, frowning slightly, as if it were the first time she’d felt the collar.

She knew what it was for.

Since leaving the initial group she found herself with, she had been alone – yelled at by other students for being stupid or, as the case of this group, barely tolerated by them. Hermione examined the students in front of her, looking from one to another. They were all looking at her in the same way – as if she were some freak sent to kill them or some fool who simply didn’t know what was going on. There was something about the look in their eyes that made her feel uneasy, that look that showed that they wouldn’t trust her forever.

It dawned on Hermione that her school life was over.

Suddenly, she could see her life stretching out in front of her. She saw herself standing on runways, modelling clothes for fashion designers and then, as she looked at the audiences in front of her, she saw the empty, mistrusting eyes of the students in front of her...

...and she hated it.

And suddenly, she realised that no matter where she went, whether it were on this island or on the runways of the Paris fashion show, people would always look at her the same way. They wouldn’t trust her because she was pretty or they'd take advantage of her because she was stupid. She wouldn’t be able to make meaningful relationships. Most of all, she realised that no matter what she did, she would always be stupid. She hated being stupid, knowing that no matter how hard she worked, people would always make fun of her behind her back.

Hermione fiddled with her collar for a few moments. Under normal circumstances, Hermione might not have done this, but three days spent alone with little to no rest, food or water meant that she wasn't thinking rationally.

“Goodbye.” she said.

She smiled brightly at the group of students in front of her, wrapped her fingers underneath the collar and pulled it off.

Female Student No. 019, Hermione Susan Miller, Deceased
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