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((Milo Taylor continued from Hideaway))

Milo was out of breath for the second time as of late. He'd wasted the entire day doing nothing but running like hell, and it was starting to show in his gait. He stopped to assess the situation.

He was surrounded by tree stumps, it was nighttime (almost dawn), and he also noted a very disgruntled-looking person in the distance sleeping.

While this wasn't great (Milo had barely enough common sense to know that his luck with disgruntled people had not been amazing lately), at least nothing was on fire. That was a definite improvement from earlier. He silently wondered how the other person managed to look angry even in his sleep.

Then, an idea dawned in his brain. He sat down on a large stump, unzipped his day pack, and rooted around.

After about a minute of digging, he came upon his prized possession: his fifth-generation iPod Classic, hooked up to a small battery-operated speaker system. He chuckled a bit to himself, removed the setup, and placed it on the stump next to him.

He turned the iPod on first. It was already set to maximum volume, so that was one step already out of the way. Milo immediately went to the artist listing, found Insane Clown Posse, and found the song Boogie Woogie Wu. He turned the speakers on, turned them up to maximum volume (which, in spite of their small size, was easily as loud as a jackhammer), and started the track.

Anyone else would have called this a horrible idea. However, Milo Taylor was a special kind of moron.
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