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So this Fiametta girl wasn't hostile. So far so good. But all that meant is that she probably didn't have anything good. Maddy wasn't putting much stock in the idea that somebody would be not trying to kill people, especially now that a good deal of time had gone by. Still, if she wasn't going to be trying to kill her, that was just fine, because she really needed to rest. Putting her bags down and sliding down to a seated position with her back to the tree, Maddy took out her sketchpad and a spare pencil and began drawing a weirdly-shaped tree.

Rosa shouted something about changing, and requested that Maddy not turn around, and the artist was fine with that. However, as she began drawing the tree's outline, something occurred to her: what if she wasn't changing at all, and was just tricking Madeleine into putting her back to her? She could be sneaking up with a knife or something or running off into the bushes, and the artist wouldn't know until it was too late to do something about it. Madeleine listened closer, and while there appeared to be a rustling sound of some sort, she was certain that it could mean anything. She shrugged, and continued drawing.

Time passed, not a whole lot of time, but it seemed a whole lot longer. Madeleine had barely drawn anything before setting her pad down. The rustling continued...

Maybe a quick peek. Just a peek won't hurt.

How wrong she was. It was fortunate that Maddy only saw Rosa from the side, because if Rosa had been looking over at Maddy's tree when her face had slowly slid out from behind, she probably would have been utterly offended. As it was, Maddy drew her head back and held back another yelp. She could feel her face flushing red, and she buried it in her hands to hide it, despite the apparent lack of anybody watching.

"Done!" Rosa shouted, and Maddy stood up and walked out from behind the tree, breathing slowly to calm herself down. Now that the outfit was on the girl, the artist could see precisely what she was going for, and she had to admit that it wasn't a bad tactic. Distracting the male opposition with scanty attire and good looks seemed like it had potential to work, but she'd reserve judgment on it until she actually saw it in action. After all, Maddy was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and slacks, and she still had succeeded in killing somebody, though it was best, she figured, to not mention that unless Rosa asked.

"So, uh...I'm Madeleine," she said. "I-I'm not playing at all. W-what about you?" She wasn't quite sure what to say to the girl, and she had been somewhat flustered by what she had seen, so she didn't even have her standard social tact. She prayed that Rosa didn't think that she was weird.
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