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((Harun Kemal continued from Don't go breaking my heart...))

Harun Kemal stifled a yawn as he slowly walked forward through the forest, his awkward sword-gun thing scraping along the ground, leaving a small trail in the dirt. He had bags under his eyes and a big hole in his stomach. He'd tried sleeping last night in a small secluded clearing he'd found in the forest, but between the general discomfort of the dirty ground he was resting on and the anxiety, paranoia and depression plaguing his mind, he'd only managed a couple of hours at the most, and spent most of the night fidgeting or sobbing quietly to himself. When he did finally fall asleep, his much-needed rest was brutally cut short by the first of Danya's daily announcements. While he wasn't particularly close to any of the names he'd heard mentioned by the sadistic terrorist behind all this, the fact people he'd seen in the corridors or had classes with for the last few years were already either dead or murderers didn't exactly help his current mental situation, and despite trying in vain to carry on his sleep from where he left off, he couldn't.

He'd also tried eating as well. The soups that Hermione had given him were, to put it bluntly, crap. Harun appreciated the gesture, but they had the taste and texture of soggy, mouldy cardboard, like most of the gluten-free food he'd had over the years. It was probably just the flavour of the soup he'd tried or the fact they were uncooked and had been tumbling about in his bag for several hours, but even in his state of hunger, Harun struggled to get the soup down. And he was eating it without any cutlery, having to pour it straight from the packet into his mouth or scoop it up with his dirty hands, which wasn't making things any easier.

After gulping down half of the packet's contents, Harun had had enough, and, seeing as he couldn't exactly put a bag of soup that had been ungracefully torn open back in his bag without coating all his other supplies in a thick layer of icky soup, he'd just left the packet behind, propped up unceremoniously against a tree. If those anti-littering campaigns had taught Harun one thing, it was that leaving litter behind willy-nilly would probably end up hurting or killing some poor critter, and normally he would have made sure to finish up the food and then chuck it in an appropriate bin, but right now Harun honestly didn't give a damn. He still had a couple of the packets, some snacks and a few bottles of water, so Harun thought he had nothing to worry about in terms of food.

However, his attempts to sleep and eat the soup were both several hours ago, and since then Harun had just been walking around the forest aimlessly, growing increasingly exhausted and hungry as he did so. Aside from Rashid, he hadn't actually talked to or encountered anyone (he had seen or heard a few people in the distance, but no-one he was particularly close to), which suited Harun just fine.

However, as he carried on walking, he suddenly heard talking. Definitely a girl's voice. Or a prepubescent male, but he didn't think many of those were in Bayview's senior class. So, yeah, probably a girl. Despite the fact that he had been avoiding everything else, he was kinda curious to see who it was. Motioning to Rashid to be silent, he whispered "I'm gonna see who's over there. Come with me if you want, but we gotta be quiet." Holding his sword revolver at the ready, he began to creep over to where the voice was coming from. He was now able to tell that they were two voices there, both girls. Crawling carefully through a bush, his ears focused on their conversation, he peeked through the leaves to get an idea of the scene in front of him.

Next to a tree, was a girl he recognised as Madeleine something or other. The other girl, one closer to him, was Rosa Fiametta, who he didn't really know that well but had quite a reputation around Bayview as being both attractive and, in a more negative light, a bit of a slut. She was also topless, and, Harun being a heterosexual teenage male, he couldn't help but stare at her...assets...for a bit. Harun didn't get much of a glimpse before she put on her tanktop (which in itself wasn't exactly a conservative piece of clothing), but still. Damn.

Considering he'd heard Rosa say she was changing quite clearly, he really only had himself to blame for his act of accidental perversion. Not knowing whether he should be ashamed or happy about the little peek he got, he withdrew from the bush, hoping not to make too much noise.

Scrambling to his feet, he turned to Rashid, unsure of whether he had also got a quick peek at Rosa topless, and quietly said "Right...erm...it's Madeleine something and Rosa Fiametta....think we should go say hello to them?"
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