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((Kevin Harding continued from One of Three))

It had been a long, horrific day for Kevin. Running away from a lit stick of dynamite, watching somebody get beaten to death from a distance, and just an hour ago, getting held up by Vera, who he had tried to steal a gun from. He was slowly but surely making his way down to the loser pile. If he didn't shape up, it wouldn't be long before he got his sorry ass killed.

"Plan. I need to have a plan." He stumbled onto the side of the mountain and laid there, with his clothes dripping with sweat and his face smeared with mud and dust. It was probably time to set up a camp and just rest. He had been running around for so long, with so little in the way of nourishment or hydration. Taking his backpack off, he pulled out a bottle of water and greedily gulped its contents down, only stopping when half of it was drained and his thirst was abated.

God, this was a mess. Just one giant fucking mess. It was obvious that he couldn't get through this game without killing anybody. It was just plain impossible. He had heard about the previous games of SotF, and the body count that their winners racked up. Sooner or later, he'd have to end somebody's life, whether it was to protect himself or loot the body.

He looked wearily up at the night sky. Was this it? The death of his body, or the death of his humanity. Those were the choices presented to him. It really was impossible to come out of this a real winner. He would lose much more than he would gain either way.

The third option... escape. What a joke. With these collars around their necks and the terrorists watching their every move, trying to get off this island alive was impossible. Removing this metal deathtrap was equally had, seeing as how they had 3 games to perfect these devices.

Yes, running away from it all was an absolutely hopeless prospect. With that in mind, he had to choose his path. Kill, or be killed. There was no guarantee that he would survive even if he tried his hardest to win, but it would give him a slim chance. Giving up was certain death here.

"I'm...." What will it be? "I don't want to die."

Kevin made his choice. He would start killing. He was just too scared of the alternative to do otherwise.

"Sorry, mom. Sorry, dad. I'm sorry that I gave in so easily." Just this once, he let himself cry. It was probably the last time he would ever get a chance to do so.
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B88: Jeff Thorne - Dead from gunshot wounds.

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B103 - Kevin Harding - Killed by a javelin.
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