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OK. So Morgan was starting to move closer to her. It was what she wanted, wasn't it? He was nervous, sweaty. It was something she'd experiences with a lot of guys before. But from Morgan, what did it mean. Even as he drew her close and started talking softly to her, she was prepared for almost anything.

Then, just like that, the moment was gone. He turned away, ate more of the bread she'd given him. Why hadn't she produced the vodka?. And once again he was all business, forceful, making plans, reassuring her. Protecting her. Even as he took her hand in his, Jen could sense that something was wrong. But was it fear of the island, or fear of his feelings. She turned and looked at him, deciding whether or not she should kiss him, force him to make a decision about her.

And then the gunshot. Jen jumped as the shot rang through the trees. She hadn't been able to tell just where it had come from, the echoes were surrounding her. She ran behind the nearest cover she could find, a log from a tree that had fallen in the wind some time ago. Somebody was shouting, swearing. It sounded like he'd just shot somebody else. Why was it that they finally met some other people and they were killers? She tried to keep small and still, and prayed that she wouldn't be noticed.
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