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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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Phil groaned as Jennifer tied the bandage off. The sharp stinging pain from before was replaced with the dull throbbing of his wounds. The combination from the bruises that Charlotte had given him the day before, the burns from the flare and now the harsh cuts of Tom had taken it out of Phil. He was at his limit and he struggled to reply to Jennifer's query.

"I think. I think I'm fine. I just need to rest a little."

His eyes fluttered for a brief second before closing. He would just take a quick nap, a few minute at most and then he would help Jennifer get out of the tunnels and somewhere a little less dark. Phil slept.


His eyes opened as Phil awoke from his dreamless sleep. It was dark, very dark. He sat up and winced. The pain of his wounds still ached, the feeling spreading across his body. He didn't feel like he was going to die anymore, so that was good. A low growling from his stomach gave rise to another basic need. Food. He wasn't sure where Jennifer was or how long he was asleep but he knew he needed to eat.

"Jen? Jen are you there?"

There was no immediate answer, and granted he hadn't spoke very loudly but Phil was a little cautious. Maybe she had left. He didnt' know.

Fumbling to one side he searched for a bag. It was only a few moments before he realised the bag had been positioned behind his head to form some sort of makeshift pillow. He smiled in the dark. Jennifer really was a sweet girl and the thought that she even considered doing that made Phil fell a little better. He carefully unzipped the duffel and pulled out one of the bread rolls, munching on the food before taking a swig of the water bottle to wash the food down. He was still hungry but it was better than nothing. Screwing the cap back on the bottle his ears perked up.

Careful footsteps were headed towards him. He froze for a second before moving to find a weapon, anything. Phil grabbed a small rock clutching it tight before calling out tentatively.

"Jen? Is that you?"
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