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Jacob's worn sneakers finally met the cold ocean, the icyness all too welcoming. The saltyness flooded his senses, filling his nostrils and abrazing his skin. It was nothing. He was too much in focus to his one final goal to care about his own comfort.

I'm coming Paige...

There were tiny voices of doubt hovering around in his mind. He...was starting to feel regret. He was so desperate to be with her again that he was putting his irrationality before all else. But he wasn't paying attention to that bit of his subconcious anymore. It was gone, its essence depleted.

But...there were voices still. They weren't the ones he recognised, but there was no doubt that they were there. They...seemed familiar. It was as though he was reliving something, so...was it real?

"...ob! Jac...s tha...What...Wait!!"

"Take it easy...to hel..."

Jacob smacked right back. He was chest deep in the ocean, not too unlike someone who had been here almost a day before. But unlike that poor person, his intentions were much more serious. Turning his head, he could only see the darkness of the ocean, darkness of the world, before him. But...there was a little bit of light...it was somewhere around him, somewhere...

Turning his head to his left, he saw someone, two people actually. The faces couldn't match up to any names that he remember off the top of his head, but he knew of their intentions perfectly well. It wasn't often one saw a suicide attempt go so slowly, or at all for that matter, and now they wanted to stop him.

But Jacob wasn't going to have that.

"...I'm sorry. You can't help me. No one can help me anymore. I'm not worth it anyway."

The hand on his shoulder, still stopping him from moving any further towards, was now becoming more clear in his mind. A human touch, a human's scent...

"...I failed. I was supposed to protect her. But she's gone forever now. My only," Jacob turned back to the ocean again, taking in the cacophony of sound that accompanied it "Reason to survive here was taken from me, and...I'm going to join her."

He wanted to throw off the first figure's hand from his shoulder and continue his stride, he was certainly strong enough to and the figure was small enough, but...there was something stopping him. He had to finish this fight with words. His stupid, meaningless words.

"I've chosen my path, and I'm taking it now. My friends are dying, and I'm going to be among them. So please...just leave me alone."

The tears were still flowing right down his face throughout. He didn't realise how much pain these words were doing him, nor was he sure if he would have cared. The pain was meaningless now, compared to joining his beloved, wherever she lay now.
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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

Wrong notes but the melody's so clear

When I'm lost, I'm still close to gold

cause I found my treasure in you
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