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Hayley leaned into Kyle, the feeling of his arms wrapping around her calming her down even further. Something about the combination of the soft sound of the waves washing up on shore, the reflection of the moon on the water, the presence of her boyfriend...she felt safe. Relatively, at least.

Ignoring completely, for the moment, that she was mostly naked.

Thank God or Allah or whoever that I'm with Kyle and not like any other boy in this school, they'd be ALL OVER me right now. Not that I can blame them, I'm hot as fuck, but still. Like. This probably isn't the time. Not that there ever will be a time.

She frowned.

Fuck, if I die here, I'll have died having not fucked anyone for like...two months! Fucking Christ. That's not even, like, right. I do not approve. God I hate this game...

"I don't think you have to be."

She blinked. It had taken Kyle a moment to collect his thoughts, and she, lost in hers, was surprised when he responded. The response itself...didn't really surprise her.

"I think that, in this case, your explanation was the truth, most importantly, and it was a good reason."

Hayley made a point of not meeting his eyes. He's so willing to believe me. Just like Alex and Maddy were. They want to think that's the truth. What the hell am I supposed to say? "Yeah well I may or may not have subconsciously invented that reasoning so the rest of you wouldn't think I was a fucking psychopath?" That'll go over well with the others. Especially Charlene, seeing as she's such a big Hayley fan already...fuck, why am I thinking like this? That was the reason. I told the truth. I need to stop trying to convince myself that I'm a crazy when I don't have any proof.

No proof? Really? You're willing to go quite far to maintain your delusions, honeybee.

Shut the fuck up, you.

She didn't respond. What was there to say? He trusted her. Whether that trust was misplaced...wasn't something she wanted to think about.

Instead, she looked up and kissed him.
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