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As Charles started to close his eyes in an attempt to focus his thoughts, a familiar voice broke his concentration. It was Maddy Stone.

"He has a plan."

Charles stared at her in disbelief, not at her words, although he didn't really believe those either, but at her sudden appearance. He had been almost certain he wouldn't live to see anyone he really considered a friend, or that they wouldn't live to see him, but sitting there right in front of him was Maddy Stone.

"...Maddy," Charles whispered. "Maddy!" He repeated excitedly, swooping in to hug her. "I- I thought I'd never see you again."

Breaking his embrace, Charles stood up and took several steps back. "Don't worry about our normal discussions, right now... Right now we have far more immediate concerns than the existence or non-existence of the divine anyway, besides..." Charles sighed before continuing, "Besides, we've both conceded that the only way to get true proof of the afterlife would be to go there and... Well, we'll likely find out for ourselves sooner than we thought, so discussing it is waste of time that's better spent elsewhere."
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