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And then out of nowhere, Saul broke down in front of her. Frowning, Sapphire looked at Saul deeply. "Hey, it's OK, Saul."

What had Saul been through to suddenly be like this? It wasn't like he was injured or anything... but then again, spiritual wounds didn't show any scars. What had he seen? Sapphire's vision blurred to faceless people with knives and guns, firing at friends, stabbing. Shaking this thought out, she tilted her head at Saul. A crying man who used to be the school mascot at games, had friends, family, a life. Did he have hobbies like her? Everyone had hobbies, didn't they. But she was digressing. Here was someone who had something wrong. And she could fix it.

Swallowing, she got up and hugged Saul tight.

"Let it all out. I'm listening."
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