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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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Sarah froze when Miranda asked her probing question. Her entire body felt like a warm flush had just run through it. Did she suspect Sarah was lying? Did she know[/]? The girl fumbled for words, her mind desperately trying to come up with a reasonable answer for why she would ask them to split up. She was doing so well, everything was coming together. This wasn't right! The villain wasn't supposed to be revealed so early in the movie. She would have to move fast.

She thrust her hand deep in to her pack, slipping her fingers in to the side pocket where her scalpel lay. She would have to leap at one of them. Maybe Miranda first and ensure everything went smoothly. Her fingers tightened around the thin metallic handle when Lily spoke up.

"Guys, I think we can ask stuff like that later. We're standing out in the open and if whoever it was that killed Eve has a rifle, a bow and arrow, a slingshot, whatever, we're in bad shape. Just too bad we're not in a spot with standing trees."

Sarah nodded in agreement. "Yeah. I think Lily's right; we should start moving first. I'm just a little out of it. Sorry Miranda." She released her grip on the scalpel and moved her hand to the main section of the pack. Sarah pulled a clean water bottle from the bag and unscrewed the lip before taking a quick gulp. "I'm probably a little dehydrated too. I think I should be fine soon," she continued and motioned away from the group. "So where are we headed?"
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