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Rosa was just about to start changing when there was a commotion nearby, causing her to jump about a foot in the air (and rapidly pull her shirt back down from her midriff). Rosa got a brief glimpse of somebody darting behind a tree, following a dismayed squeak, her eyes following the flash of motion to a set of bags that were very conspicious alongside the individual's hiding place. Were it not for the little yelp, then Rosa would have booked it immediately. As it was, the sound gave her pause.

A little scream like that wasn't the type of sound somebody made when they were trying to sneak up on you, or were trying to take you out. Not unless they had some kind of mastermind, but it wasn't as if Rosa was the type of target somebody would need much guille to take on. Whoever the other person was (and it had to be a girl), they had sounded genuinely scared. Not surprising, really, there were still thrills running down Rosa's spine from her initial shock. Even the thought of encountering another person - well, that wasn't either of the people she was looking for, was enough to set her pulse raising.

Either? You forget real quickly, Rosa.

Felicia... her... girlfriend? One night stand partner? Fuckbuddy? It'd been too soon since prom night, not long enough to really get her bearings about where all of that was going. Still, Rosa reflected, it didn't bode well for the relationship that it had taken her so long to even think about the other girl. All apologies to Felicia, but Ilario and Frankie were the first priorities.

But now wasn't the time to be thinking about that.

Rosa raised an eyebrow as the girl spoke up in a tremulous voice. Annoyingly, in spite of her poking her head around the side of the tree, the Fiametta couldn't recognise her. Short, brown haired, but... Rosa couldn't place her. There was something of a familiarity, but no name was forthcoming. She didn't suppose it mattered too much, this hell hole wasn't the type of place to be getting offended about someone not knowing your name. Although Rosa probably wouldn't have given a damn about it anywhere else either, at that...

"...Alright then," said Rosa in reply to the other. "I don't own the woods or anything, I'm not about to tell you to fuck off," the Fiametta looked back to her clothes, bit her lip, thinking. The girl seemed safe enough, with that tremor in her voice, and really, since when had Rosa been bothered about how other people had seen her?

Since... a little while back. I guess...

"Hey, uh... I'm going to be changing in a second. So if you find it embarrassing, don't look."

Thus satisfied, Rosa stripped off her jeans quickly, leaving them in a heap on the ground. Her soccer jersey followed onto the pile and for a few seconds, Rosa was standing in her underwear before she donned the skirt. The Fiametta reached for the tank top, then paused for a few moments, an idea occurring to her. If she was going to... well... take advantage of what she had, maybe it would be best to go all the way.

Not like I haven't done it in the past... Course, then I wasn't on TV...

"Might as well just do it quick then..." Rosa muttered to herself, reaching around her back awkwardly to unclasp her bra. As she was doing that she crouched and grabbed the tanktop, such that she could avoid being exposed for long. The undergarment falling free, Rosa pulled the top on, then looked back to where the other girl had been.

"Done," she said matter-of-factly.
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