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Kyle smiled and laughed a little when Hayley laughed at his failure of a comment. It felt good, like for a moment he could forget what had happened. He nodded when she said that he could help her keep warm. She pulled him down to a seated position, a move he acquiesced to without resistance, and snuggled against him. With only mental hesitation, Kyle wrapped his arms around Hayley, pulling her in a little closer.

"I'm... sorry."

The apology surprised Kyle a little. He thought about it. She would probably be feeling guilty, upset because of her friends being upset. But Kyle would never have apologized for that, not here on this island. Here, the name of the game was survival. Literally. It was right there in the title- he was getting off track.

"I don't think you have to be."

There it was. The thought that had occurred to him back then. There was only one way to survive, and that was to kill everyone else. Sure, playing got you marked, but anyone trying to take out Hayley would find themselves on the pointy end of his knife.

"I think that, in this case, your explanation was the truth, most importantly, and it was a good reason."
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