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Hayley blinked at the splashing behind her but didn't otherwise react at first. The horrible killer instinct she'd picked up at the fun fair (she almost snorted, thinking the phrase fun fair - yeah, buckets of fun that was seemed to have dissipated for now. She felt calm here. Safe. The spell on her had broken the moment the sword had left her hand.

She knew Kyle was here, of course. She'd walked the whole damn way with him, after all. She didn't take her dress off for him, but she didn't feel the need to send him away, either. There was a long list of people who'd seen Hayley naked, or close to it, and there was an equally long list of people who could see Hayley naked without her giving a flying fuck. Kyle happened to be on the second list. Hayley frowned. See, if everything'd happened the way I wanted it to on this fucking trip this EXACT thing would've happened, except with a lot less blood and a lot less fear for our lives. And we'd probably be on a lake or something. And I'd probably just be legit naked. So yeah it would be kind of different. But, you know, still.

So when she heard the splashing she knew it was Kyle, but she didn't turn to look at him until he was already right there. She smiled slightly. Really, she was happy he was there, even though in all honesty she felt like she'd be more likely defending him. She hadn't even noticed if he had his own weapon. She did notice now, however, that he was currently shirtless. I approve. I'd approve harder if he was pantless, too, but, you know, probably not the time to suggest that?

Pantless isn't a word. Ugh, isn't the water supposed to be waking me up?

"Hey. Do you... um... need help washing your back or anything?"

Hayley laughed. Legitimately, laughed. It was just sooo the dorkiest thing Kyle could have possibly said at that moment, and it was completely adorable. He's so flustered! It's cute, though. I'm used to him getting all wordy when he's nervous though. This is new. Maybe I, like, broke his brain or something. Her laughter quieted and she smiled up at him, wider than before. Trying not to laugh again. Hoping he wouldn't take the laughter personally.

"I could maybe use your help not freezing to death in this water?"

She pulled him down to her, to her height in the water, so the two were side by side. She did not perform the tackle-makeout maneuver she'd been thinking would be perfect for this moment. Maybe later. Instead she curled up close to him, wrapping her arms around one of his, taking advantage of his body heat. She looked out into the distance.

Apologize, the waves told her. Hayley decided that when the ocean tells you to do something you best fucking acquiesce.

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