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(( Sorry for breaking post order, but I need to avoid inactivity.))

Before any further explanation happened, Imraan (She thought? She really couldn't remember.) Replied to her earlier question.

"Hey Janet. Uh.. well he is, I guess. I'm just trying to make a signal here."

"A signal?" She asked, "Would that even work? Do you think anyone would find this place? I mean, could we be that lucky?" I seemed pretty pointless to Janet at this point, but she was still getting used to this whole thing anyway, so maybe this was how others were dealing with it too. Maybe Imraan (once again, guessing here.) was correct and this would save everyone; well everyone who was still living, that is. Either way, he seemed to be talking to Cody now. It turned out that the other guy was the one who had said that this was the fault of the government.

Before she could delve any further into this, she heard the sound of someone collapse near her followed by a weak greeting.

This new boy who had arrived had a name that Janet had an easier time remembering. If here memory was correct, his name was David. She had seen him once or twice, but she couldn't remember anything notable. "Hi. Are you okay? You seem pretty exhausted." was the first thing she thought to say.
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