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[[Hayley Kelly continued from Break Up and Break Down]]

It was a long trip.

Hayley couldn't lie and say she hadn't expected that. She had looked at the map before she'd headed out, after all, and seen that her destination lay quite far away. About as far away as the residential area she'd been too lazy to walk to from the greens. In other circumstances she probably would have groaned and kvetched for as long as doing so would prevent her from having to walk that god-fucking-far, but hey. Times change. Circumstances change. Lame as that is.

She had no idea how long the distance was, in miles, but she did know one thing for certain- by the time the beach came into view, the sun had set completely.

Hayley silently thanked God or Buddha or whoever that they'd made it to the beach when they did. The last bits of light had been leached away, and had they still been traveling they would have been in real danger of a sneak attack. As it was, some part of Hayley's mind acknowledged that they still weren't safe, but at least they were somewhere. And the ocean itself inexplicably made her feel a little more at piece.

She pulled off her bloodstained boots- they're not even worth trying to save at this point, really- and left them on the ground before stepping barefoot into the sand. She curled her toes in the soft sand. It was a comforting feeling. She let herself wear a real smile for a moment. Then she turned to the real issue at hand.

Gotta get all this blood off me. It's gross, and besides that, I'm gonna look all kinds of serial-killer-ish to anyone who runs into me. I mean, after the announcements tomorrow I'll be fucked either way, thank you oh-so-much Danya in advance, but at least maybe people who don't know my name won't think I've been off beheading people. That fact no longer got any sort of reaction from her. The kid she killed didn't matter, the kids that were upset at her for what she'd done, did. So...the ocean. That's water. I can wash in that. But...

Oh, fuck it. Whatever. Oh, yeah, the viewing public's gonna love this.

Sorry, mom. Sorry, God.

Hayley took a couple of steps forward. She dropped her bag in the sand, and after a few moments of concentrated effort, managed to release her vise grip on her sword, letting it drop as well.

She shook off her hat. She pulled her goggles off, over her head. She pulled her dress over her head, and dropped that in the sand, too.

She immediately kind of hated herself for the choice in underwear she'd made the previous morning. Her bra and panties were a matching set, black with red bows, so at least she wasn't going to be embarrassed by wearing clashing clothes on television, and she was actually rather grateful for the color combination- the blood that had soaked through her dress didn't show at all. There were bigger problems, like how the entire ensemble was mostly lace, and how much of it was see-through, and, most paramount to her at that moment, how the backside of her panties was entirely covered in ruffles.

I'm on SotF, I just beheaded a metalhead, I'm covered in blood, and I have ruffles on my ass.

Hayley allowed herself a moment of silence for the death of the small amount of dignity she'd had remaining before continuing to walk forward.

The island was lacking in man-made light sources. Hayley could only imagine that parts of the island were pitch black at this point. But here, where nothing blocked the light of the stars and the moon, and where the sand reflected the light like newly-fallen snow, everything seemed to be glowing. Hayley's white-white skin was no exception, and as the pale moonlight touched her she looked more than anything like a ghost making her way towards the ocean.

Her feet touched wet sand, the highest point that the waves touched. She knew she was going to have to be careful here. Go too deep in the water and BANG, no more head for Hayley. She took a couple more steps forward, feeling the water wash over her feet, then over her legs...

When the water was just under her knees, she lowered herself, slowly, carefully, into it. When a wave passed, the water would just skim over her shoulders. There she sat, letting the salty ocean water wash the blood from her skin. The water was cold, and she was cold, but at least I'm a little more awake now, right? Nothing I can really do, anyway, any water I'd find would be cold.

Hayley sighed. My second night on Survival of the Fittest and I'm basically naked. Hello, logical continuation of my life, right? Honestly.

She thanked God or Buddha or whoever for the water, and for the darkness.
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