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He already knew where he was going with this. He had to. He'd already opened the door.

"Her name was Eva. I was with a group when we were shot at with a crossbow. No one was hit, but I panicked, and shot back. I didn't miss." He sighed. It was obvious he was ready to cry again, but by now, the tears had dried up. "Looking back, she probably wasn't a real threat. She seemed just as scared as I was. I just made a stupid mistake, and someone's dead because of it. The Lancasters will never see their daughter again, and it's my fault." Again, a pause before the last couple of sentences. "I don't expect you to forgive me, and I won't blame you if you change your mind about staying. I don't deserve any sort of sympathy."

While it was true that he didn't expect her to stay by his side, he knew she was the only thing anchoring him right now. He knew that if she did leave, things would only get worse. His temper never was one of his best qualities, and he'd killed once already. For all he knew, she was the only thing standing in the way of him going the way of Reiko Ishida or Alex Rasputin. Before he'd come across her, he was already on his way there, had he run into Staffan Kronwall first. Already out for revenge. Already just like Kris. Mary Ann didn't need to see him like that. She deserved better. She deserved to be at home, with her family, maybe a nice guy, someone better for her than he'd ever be. The need to protect her was the only thing that tethered him to the morality he'd held dear only days ago, and he knew it.

He needed her.
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