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"That's fine. Just being able to tell you is all I need. That you'd stay is more than I could've hoped for."

That was reassuring. Mary Ann wasn't surprised, really It was just like him to be a gentleman, always patient and forgiving of her inexperience; especially useful now that she knew she wouldn't be getting much more experience with this sort of thing in her life- Don't think that way. He's promising to help you out of here, so the least you can do is match that confidence. Yes. There would be more movie theatres. There would be more motorcycle rides.

The next piece of information was more urgent, but not necessarily unexpected given the context. ...rather than when it's announced in the morning. Now those words worried her. Thousands of gruesome images rose in her mind; and despite attempts to sweep them away with optimism, she knew that whatever he said next, it would have the most dangerous impact of anything expressed during this conversation. Remaining close, she braced herself.

"Go on. I'm ready to hear it."
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