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Max remained silent, as Peter made his speech and began preparing the white flag. He wasn't really someone who would go by the 'Code of Honor' or anything like that, but the symbol they were going to show, filled him with doubt.

White flag? Doesn't that mean 'we surrender'?

Then again, if those other two were hostile, they would probably kill them on sight. If they weren't, they wouldn't take them as the hostages or anything, so the flag was pretty harmless... Probably. It's better to show the symbol of peace (or cowardice, for zealous people), rather than create a terrible misunderstanding, anyway.

Speaking of terrible misunderstandings and things that could trigger them, Max looked at his gun again. If He and Peter were going to confront the others with the flag, flashing a gun right before their eyes had a decent chance of ruining everything. Max decided it would be in their best interest to hide the gun for a bit, until they'll be recognized as a non-threat.

"You ready to do this Max?" Asked Peter, as he prepared everything on his side before the confrontation.

"Just a minute, Peter." Max replied. "I need to hide this pistol before we'll meet them. Pistol and a white flag are not a good combination, I think. Now, since It may be needed in worst case scenario, I think, I'll just... Wait."

At first, Max tried to hide the gun in his pocket, but then he reminded himself of all those funny Darwin Award stories about people who did the same and shot their balls off. Since Max didn't really want to say goodbye to his family jewels, he had to find an alternate way.

"No, that won't do..."

Maxwell opened his daypack and took out the Auto Mag 180 weapon manual. He didn't know anything about guns (except from Guns N' Roses, that is), but he watched a few movies, where some super action hero like Steven Seagal, sucker punched his enemy by telling him his gun still had his safety switch pulled on. And that meant that his pistol could also have one as well.

"Okay, I think I got it." Max said to himself but loud enough for Peter to hear it. "If I'll just pull this thing right over the barrel, the safety switch should be on, and then... We.. Will be... Good to... Go... Damn it."

As Max spoke those last few words, he tried to pull the switch several times, but it just didn't want to move. Maybe he was too weak to do that, or maybe some dirt and water got inside it as he wandered through the cave and it jammed the mechanism. Perhaps even both of those things. Nonetheless, he kept trying.

During the struggle with his Auto Mag, Max learned another, very important thing about handling weapons - On the contrary of what you see on the TV - Never hold your finger on the trigger unless you're about to shoot.


Loud noise from the firearm let Max feel like on a concert for a while, as the loud screech invaded his ears, almost deafening him in the process. He stared dumbfounded for a few seconds at an empty shell of his gun, which landed just inches to the left of a small hole in the ground he just created. Luckily for everyone, no one got hurt, as Max had at least a bit of common sense, and he pointed the gun to the ground beforehand.

"FUCK!" He shouted out way louder than he thought he did, as his ears were still damaged. "SORRY! I DIDN'T WANT TO!"
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