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As soon as Jacob had walked past the sandy shores and into the water, the boy finally caught Colin's eye. And he was walking straight for the ocean. It was as if the boy was on a mission, blinders thrown across his eyes. Like a broken man, walking into the light.

He walked into the water. Ankle deep. Knee deep. Waist deep. Definitely not washing off the sorrows of the island, not attempting to find a temporary respite from pain.

He just kept walking.

And for some reason, this just mesmerized Colin. He couldn't think, he couldn't feel. The world shut out around him as his mind wandered. But thankfully for the Water-Walker's sake, Tim's voice seemed to be the one thing that could snap him out of his Stupors.


With a start, he shook his head and jumped to his feet. Disorientation was the name of the game, as from his Stupor, Colin had little idea as to what was happening. But the next thing he realized, he found his feet charging forward, keeping in line with his Companion.

"Jacob! Jacob, is that you?! What are you doing? Wait!!"

And just like that, Colin felt water washing over him. Again, a sudden jump back to reality. Looking forward at the scene, Tim's arm was on Jacob's shoulder, and the boor boy had looked like he had seen a ghost. And finally Colin realized just why Tim was so panicked. The look on his face was unmistakable. Pure sorrow, and regret. Something Colin knew all too well right now. Jacob was attempting to find his final resting place at sea, unable to take that. Something he'd lost that was so dear to him, or maybe even just the reality of it all.

Colin hadn't done a thing to help.

Tim was a hero, Colin was a monster. His eyes closed as he sighed.

"Take it easy Jacob... We want to help." His eyes almost went wide as he spoke, unaware that he was doing it. It was almost as if his entire body was on auto-pilot, leaving his mind time to wander. The split of his mind from before taking hold as reality continued to set in. The boy who was now resided on the outside. A pained longing, a terrible feeling or sorrow made up his core, his mind, in reality, his soul.
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