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Maf thought he was a pretty nice guy.

That wasn't being arrogant. He always tried pretty hard to be nice, and it seemed to be working out well so far.

But there was one thing he couldn't be nice about right now, and that was Leila Langford.

Her...display had rubbed Maf completely the wrong way. She'd basically said they wanted to rape her, he wanted to rape her, and Jason had pretty much bent over backwards for her despite it. Maf wasn't the smartest guy in the group, he knew this, but even he could see how absolutely boneheaded this decision was. It was colossally stupid.

Jason fell back to where he and Brooks were standing, his arms pulling Maf and the skittish Brooks in for a light-hearted pep talk. "Like my awesome commando signals? Probably should of gone through that before I ran off though. Suppose we see this through, hopefully we can get to the Radio Tower before we pass out from exhaustion. I'm pretty glad Nath's taken the lead for now, gives me some time to rest and to catch up on all the gossip that's been happening back here hey?"

Maf groaned. Jason was completely oblivious to the massive spanner he'd just thrown in the works. It was almost as though he was a racehorse, blinkers on to obscure the rest of the pack and keep him bolting blindly for the finish line.

Maf shook his head and pulled loose from Jason's easy grip, falling into line behind Nathan. The last thing Maf needed right now was this kind of stuff on his mind. He had to find Jennifer, find the rest of his friends, get off the island. If it meant picking up a few of Bayview's less pleasant students, then that was the price they paid. Didn't mean he had to like it, though.

((Maf Tuigamala continued elsewhere))
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