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If he was a little more fit, and he could carry his own weight. Timothy would have probably preformed cartwheels. For now though, he just pumped his fist and tightened the straps around the backpack. He was a genius! A freakin' genius! He was going to get off the island, and he didn't even have to work at it!

He tried his hardest to blatantly ignore the "Onwards to Oz" thing that Erik spouted off. He wasn't no scarecrow, he had the brains. Still, it was best to say nothing, he did need them after all.

"Hey, did I tell you guys what happened before I saw you? You know those cormorants, right?"

"Corma-whats? what do you think I am? A bird watcher or something?"

He shook his head and moved on, the lighthouse awaited after all. The sound of cawing ringing in his ears.

Fucking birds

((Timothy Skula continued elsewhere))
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