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"In a bad mood?" Simon demanded, eyes widening. "You're asking if-!" He cut himself off, closing his eyes. "I don't think," he said carefully. "Well, Hermione," he said, his voice betraying the trouble he was having restraining himself. "Seeing as we're trapped on an island where we're wearing explosive collars, I really don't see how I'm s'posed to be positive, y'know?"

Without thinking he reached into his pack and pulled out two massive Hershey's chocolate bars. He put one on the ground and then drew back a little, unwrapping his and biting into it desperately. He closed his eyes and focused only on his tongue, trying to drown his mounting stress in the taste, the flavor, in the artificial love still bitter with the tang of tinfoil.

"Eat up," muttered Simon, grabbing the other and tossing it to Kari. "I've got a few more."

He didn't want to avoid the problem. He just wanted to forget about it for a little while.
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