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(Madeleine Smith continued from Wants and Needs)

As she walked further into the woods, Madeleine replayed the confrontation with Jonathan Jarocki in her mind over and over. She could have avoided killing him, that was certain, but what would have happened then? He was running towards them, and once he had cleared the truck, the whole group would have been exposed and vulnerable. And yet, there was that nagging feeling that if she had got him in his leg or arm instead, then he would have been stopped regardless without any loss of life. But then again, would he have lasted long with a bullet in any part of his body? This island didn't appear to have anything resembling a hospital.

Ultimately, Madeleine decided that there was never any right answer to the situation, and she was lucky that the only person to be hurt was the man himself. That wouldn't allow her to sleep any better, but at least she could lay the topic to rest for now. Even if everyone in her group had left her, at least they were all alive and well. That she could feel good about.

Frankly, if that's all I'm depending on for good feelings, I'm glad that Danya didn't give me a razor.

So wrapped up was she in her guilt and cynical thoughts that Madeleine didn't see Rosa laying out a change of clothes until she was nearly upon her, at which point she had already stirred up some leaves sitting on the forest floor. With a yelp of surprise, Madeleine darted behind the nearest tree, in a motion practiced through semesters of attempting to avoid people. She had grown to be quite proficient at this sort of thing. Not that it would help much, given that her bags were still poking out from beside the tree she had chosen, as it wasn't exactly that wide. Still, it was the thought that counted.

"So-sorry if I b-bothered you..." she said, peeking out from the side of the tree. "L-Listen, I'll just be over here, okay? I just...just need to sit down for a sec." She couldn't quite place who the girl was, but she recognized her as one of the Fiametta siblings. As usual, Maddy's mind was giving her a huge prodding to leave right then and there, but she was getting used to ignoring those. If she wanted to get anywhere on this island, she would have to assert herself, along with also keeping herself in the shade, and not next to that tree trunk where there wasn't any shade and she'd burn to a crisp. That was another thing on her mind.

I hope she isn't laying out those clothes to change into them. Fiametta's going to get sunburned worse than me in that little amount of clothing.
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