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((Kevin Warick continued from The Outsider))

"Holy shit!"

Kevin's exclamation was well-warranted. The announcement, from what actually managed to sink into his completely inebriated mind, established that there had been nineteen deaths in the last day. That was some serious holy shit. Seriously. In all seriousness, the holyness of that particular shit was something that Kevin could only gawk at. It wasn't that kind of surprise that was something someone had very little interest in. As a student on the island, with a bomb around his neck and a life that he wished to continue, it was something that Kevin had serious investment in. The level of violence and the number of killers were things that Kevin had to seriously factor into his decision making on the island. Particularly, where he planned to take shelter. The shack wasn't safe anymore. Some girl got shot, and died there. Corpses smelled bad, and they attracted other people. Who wanted to make Kevin a corpse, and therefore he would also begin to smell bad. That wouldn't be good.

"This isn't good. This is some serious shit."

Speaking of serious shit, Kevin would soon discover that he had, in fact, made it to the beach; and there were, in fact, people attempting to bury bodies. Kevin wasn't really sure why he'd picked the beach as a destination in the first place, but it just seemed like the thing to do. But it seemed that bodies would be following him wherever he went. Not like he was making the bodies.

"Sol, I create the bodies. I don't -erase- the bodies."

Oh, Snatch. Good movie. Great plotline, the acting was fantastic. Kevin particularly appreciated the way everything seemed to "come together" in the end. Full circle, really. Kevin could only hope that Danya would get a few shotgun shells to the face, ala the villain of that film. It probably wouldn't stop the terrorists. They'd just get someone more insane, and the programs would probably get worse than they were now. Of course, that was only speculation.


Drunkenly, he stumbled over to the people burying the bodies. He attempted to say something to the effect of "What are you doing?" but it sounded more like -


Promptly, he fell over nearby in the sand. It seemed comfortable, so there he lay.
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