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The faceless fear
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Hermione frowned, then moved over to where the other students were, “Oh, sorry about that. I didn’t know you were in a bad mood.”

She gave the other students a look over. Carol seemed quite all right, but her eyes were tinged with red, as if she’d been crying. The other two students she noticed were male, but Hermione wasn’t quite able to place them in her mental hierarchy. Her mind didn’t seem to be firing on all cylinders, given how tired she was - too tired to even figure out their names let alone figure out what their social status was.

She gave Carol a concerned look, “Do you have a headache? You’ve been crying... Oh... Did someone hurt you? Did you boys hurt Carol?”

Before she could continue, something about what Carol said gave her pause, "Uhm... what announcement? Was there an announcement?"

Truth be told, Hermione had heard the announcement, then promptly and purposefully forgot it. She simply couldn't, or didn't allow herself to, process anything that had to do with the games.
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