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Haruka couldn’t listen to the others, she could see mouths opening and clothing but the words didn’t matter. The slight chance that she was just overreacting crossed her mind, but seeing everybody bloodied, blistered and burnt like some stray cat who had a firework tied to its tail only pushed her further away into her own panicked state.

She had spent all her time so far hidden, away from the action, in the coldness and despair of loneliness, trapped beneath the ground. She had been terrified of each shifting shadow and each distant echo, breathing in coal dust and getting coated with grime, and yet, she hadn’t been hurt yet.

Even though she didn’t like how she was approaching the game, she must had done something right, as unlike most of the others in the group, she didn’t look like she had came out of a dogs mouth. Maybe a constant state of panic mixed with solidarity was what it took to survive, the others obviously hadn’t chosen the same path as her, but they were strong, sturdy.

Haruka was meek, shy and frail, she couldn’t say boo to a goose, so she wouldn’t stand a chance against what obstacles may come her way should she join the others. Another possibility was that perhaps staying underground was the best approach, that the surface with the crisp air and fresh water was polluted with killers and psychopaths, waiting to tear her to pits like a runt having wandered into bad territory.

She slowly pulled her hands away from Duncan, taking tentative baby steps backwards until she was pressed against the wall. Frances or Frankie Fiametta was babbling again, Feo had taken the oar and the death girl, as she dubbed her, was writing something on the wall. She didn’t know what was wrong with these people, other than what they had done had gotten them into a world of trouble that they were more than lucky to escape from, no matter how many burns they sustained or fingers they lost.

Haruka Watanabe wasn’t cut out for this. She wasn’t a soldier, she wasn’t a fighter and she most certainly wasn’t a strong character. Looking around at all the people who could snuff her life out like a birthday candle made her stomach sink lower and lower until she began feeling sick. The blood, the cuts, the burns, none of that scared her, only how they had been attained. Where there was smoke, there was fire, and she was sure that whatever maniacs had caused this were not too far off.

It was the people here that they wanted, Haruka probably hadn’t even registered on their mental to-kill list, they’d gathered she’d probably snap under the pressure and kill herself, she probably would have if she was given something better than an oar. She wasn’t being hunted yet, but if she was found with these people, then the maniacs would take no shame in adding her to the list as a lucky bonus.

She raised her hand to her heart, looking down at the floor. Right now, she could slip away unnoticed, avoiding the bloody scenario unfolding in her imagination. It could have been true, but if it hadn’t, then what did she have to lose? She didn’t want to waste away in the darkness like a weak insect or a crippled mole. If anything, she wanted to see the sky again, if not one last time.

I don’t want to die…I know that’s all I’ve been thinking but it’s true! I hardly know these people, let alone trust them! What’s to say they won’t turn on each other? I’m hardly a threat to them, they could wipe me out with one hand tied behind their backs…There’s nothing stopping me from leaving now…unnoticed. Everything is going to work out, I can almost see it! I just need to find somewhere safe, alone, and then maybe…Just maybe…I’ll have a chance.

The death girl, whoever she was, had written something on the wall. Haruka didn't care, it didn't matter that she was now unarmed and that her flashlight was almost out of power, she could get away now, whilst the others went towards the message to read it. In the safety of the darkness, she could slip away from under their radars, by the time they noticed she was gone, it would be too late. All that was left now was to find out where she'd end up once she left the tunnels, but that was to be worried about later. Haruka slowly edged along the wall, further and further away from the faint green glow.

((Haruka Watanabe continued in Fountain of Youth, PS thanks for letting me join join in guys <3))
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