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((Clio Gabriella fine appearance in Act 4 continues now in Act 5...))

She wasn't one to judge them, but the game was changing, like an embryo under a microscope that knew it was being watched. The classmates she once knew and feared were nothing like their old selves, but she wasn't sure that was what she was worried about, or if it was what made her decision so easy. Her former decision, that was. It wasn't long until she had to make up her mind for real, only one more sleep. Maybe she would dream about them again, or maybe it would turn out that the whole thing wasn't real, she'd stopped killing for nothing. She'd been sinking instead of moving forward. But the sinking feeling was turning into something else. Regret? Shame? Daytime had been wasted by her trying to figure that out.

But it wasn't time for that. Sleep was a definite priority.

Behind one of the many trees that littered the landscape, a camera would have recorded Clio Gabriella, who would be the islands top killer at that point in time, losing only to a psycho lesbian ice skater and tying with many others. This girl certainly looked the part. Her hair was a mess, unlike the calm graceful persona it usually represented, all nice and...nice like. Her purple streaks had collided with her black, to create a splodgy ink look on the front of her head. Her skirt was torn after she took a tumble to avoid a group of people who looked armed, scratching the inside of her thigh in the process. It wasn't bad, not extremely painful, but it was something to get concerned over. And her stomach was a different story altogether. Not turbulancing itself like she expect, but...it was something else, having to merely exist on bread and water was something that she knew was going to do hazardous work on her body if she had to live on them for a long time, but she so missed being able to come home and have something free to drink from the fridge.

While she stepped through a particularly wet patch of grass, the dew collecting there for the night, she smiled, her cheeks still wet from the strenuous amount of time she spent crying throughout the day. Not from sadness, god knows she had experienced enough of that to fill several lifetimes, but of shock. Who knew that one little incident could be so traumatising enough to respark the whole bucket of emotions that was Clio?...So she smiled. It wouldn't be long until she'd be able to walk through her door, silently, and actually get a bottle of orange soda, kept on the second shelf just for her after keeping her grades up.

It...wasn't something she was even sure would actually happen again, to be perfectly honest with herself. She knew that the fact she was armed, dangerous, and had a taboo to her name was indicative factors that she still had a fighting chance, but...it was the incident with Teo that really counter-sparked this. She was armed, no doubt, but that could easily be taken away (and it wasn't that hard really, seeing as it had happened almost 5 times already); she was dangerous, granted, and that could just as easily be taken away like her gun; the taboo on her name...it wasn't so much a mark of fear as a target on her back. Supposing someone wanted to off players, she would probably be an easy target to a group of people, rather than having people run away from her.

All this was distracting her from her real mission. Find some shelter, and sleep.

Taking out her flashlight from her bag, the cool metalic feel embracing her palm, she started to look around the mountain; there had to be a cave around here, or somewhere she could hide, just for the night.

The incline started to even out, become less treacherous; it became a bit easier to see now. The light reached out its claws to the darkness, and...in the brief distance, there lay a body before him. Unlike most of the other bodies she'd come across, this one seemed to be alive. She didn't recognise him from a distance, like so many of her classmates, but she wasn't about to take any chances.

Non-dominant hand in her bag, wrapped carefully around her Walther, she spoke into the night before her.

"Hello?" Clio asked raspily, her voice still crackily and uneven from her encounters and current condition.

She didn't know what she was in for at this time of night.
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