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"Hey. The shit are you doing man?"

Chris felt a tinge of irritation at this apparent confusion on the kid's part. He was hoping that walking out with his arms up would at least make it apparent that he was coming out peacefully and not holding any weapons. Guess the subtle approach wasn't working.

"Take it easy," he shouted back as he slowly walked to the group, lowering his arms slightly but still leaving them at jaw height. "Just wanted to come out and show you that I'm not coming out with a gun or some shit. Just coming out peacefully. This ain't an ambush."

He nodded toward Maria. "I just saved that girl yesterday evening. I saw how beat-up she looked while I was hiding back there, and wanted to come out and make sure that she's okay. That's it."

His arms slowly dropped to his side. "Just so you know, Phil Ward was the shit who did that to her. Nearly beat her to death. The goddamn fight burned half the forest down. Didn't even know she made it out." He continued walking until he was about a yard from Dustin and Maria. He let his eyes run across her bruised, burnt, and strangely shirtless body.

"Uhh, did she have a shirt on when she got up here? Because I remember her wearing one..."
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