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Bam. Bam. And Bam.

Though not spoken, those words hit Mary Ann like cannonballs, one by one, each no less shocking than the one before it. Not necessarily painful the way a real cannonball would feel- just lots and lots of impact.

So many thoughts ricocheted through Mary Ann's mind like bullets on steel walls- it was too difficult, too dangerous to find just one and catch it. But damn if the poor girl didn't try anyway.

The most shocking part, it seemed, was how much trust and care he seemed- that he had invested in her. As much as she cared for R.J., Mary Ann knew how mortally expensive such trust was here. Maybe one would fuck around saying those sorts of things at home- but not here.

I love you.

That was something she'd only ever heard from parents and grandparents before- but of course, the context was gravely different here. So what did she say? She'd seen enough movies and sitcoms to know you have to respond to such a confession. But then again, this wasn't like those sorts of things you see on TV. Wait, no, this was EXACTLY the sort of thing you see on TV. Literally. But still. The genres didn't cross much. Or did they? She'd never watched this show before. Focus! Right.

So how would she answer? Obviously, the conventional answer would be to say she felt the same, as when her parents and grandparents said it. But did she feel the same? It didn't feel right to say that without meaning it after everything he'd just confided in her. What do I do what do I do what do I do... She looked back to their times at the simpler setting of Bayview Secondary School. All she had wanted at the time was a friend, someone to spend time and share thoughts with- and he had given her that without once being asked or instructed to. She smiled to herself, but quickly turned it back down when she remembered where she was. He certainly wasn't looking for a friend though. They had only just met when he asked her on their first date- not that she wasn't totally thrilled anyway. He was one of the first people who had ever taken any particular interest in her, romantic or otherwise- and the first she had given a chance to explore that interest. Besides, it was certainly clear by now that the feeling behind it was genuine.

So really, the complicated part was that her feelings for him held multiple facets. Before R.J., Mary Ann had never had a close friend, let alone any sort romantic attachment. In a lot of ways, she was as clueless when it came to matters of love as she was with matters of friendship- if not moreso. Actually, scratch that. Definitely moreso.

"I... um... well, I care about you a lot. That's for sure. But... well, I've never really loved before, so... well, I guess I don't know how yet. Or something." She felt that burning feeling in her face again. "I'm sorry."

But there were more important matters at hand- there was definitely a reason he was saying all of this. Though his words were sincere, there was no way in hell he could be saying all that because something good happened- obviously already a given considering the whole "you have a 274:275 chance of dying" thing, but still. Something morbid and ugly lurked behind the urgency of these words.

"But I will stay with you. I promise. I'm alone without you, and I've done more than enough being alone here."

And that settled it, really- she knew that regardless of her feelings, no one else was going to help her get through this like he would. What mattered now was the getting through this part.
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