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Lily looked at Sarah's key and almost laughed. What were the odds that someone would have a weapon even worse than her little paperback? Maybe better than she thought. Lily snuck a glance at her own daypack; maybe she wouldn't even have to pretend she had firepower. Not that she was going to chance telling the truth, but it was the thought that counted.

Lily shrugged at Sarah's question about it. "Maybe it opens up a military base with a tank. Or the island's supply of Little Debbie's snack cakes. Sky's the limit, right?"

Maybe there's a locked room full of ballpoint fucking pens somewhere.

Lily felt her hand creep back to the notepad in her pocket.

Lily did at least feel relieved that the group would be sticking together. Before, Lily was worried Miranda might've been trying to take off. Lily got the feeling the girl wasn't among her admirers, starting with her trying to pass herself off as a player upon their initial meeting.

When Miranda asked her question, Lily did find herself wondering at Sarah's less than optimal plan of action. Lily entertained the idea that the swimmer might've been a good journalist if she tried.

But Lily figured Sarah was just too rattled to think straight, assumed the girl had seen way too much in such a short time to have come to her senses yet.

What was that about assuming things?

In any case, Lily really did want to get the hell out of the area like Sarah said.

"Guys, I think we can ask stuff like that later. We're standing out in the open and if whoever it was that killed Eve has a rifle, a bow and arrow, a slingshot, whatever, we're in bad shape. Just too bad we're not in a spot with standing trees." Lily said, and kicked a stump lightly for good measure. The journalist adjusted the strap on her pack, ready to make good on her own advice.
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