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Can you hear me?
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Was it really so hopeless?

She had just realized Ben and Jacob were still out there, after all. Could she save them too? She failed to save Reika, Amber, and Paige, though. And Reiko was out there... doing god knows what. Reiko was still a good person, at least in Carol's eyes. And she remembered that she was Ben's ex, while how much Paige and Jacob were in love. How were they holding up? Not very good, she could imagine. If she could find them and just simply be there for them, it would be a miracle. But, it wasn't as if she wasn't feeling bad too, though... all she wanted on this trip was for her group to hang out and do things camp-related. Not this.

Carol stared back down at the ground again. Did Kari, Simon, and Rein recognize anyone in the announcements, she wondered? Was it just her who had lost friends?

Maybe they should continue walking now. It would prevent people from trying to comfort her more, at least, and let Carol think a bit more.

A loud shout suddenly burst out of nowhere.

"Heeeey! Heeeeeey!"

Oh god, who was it now?

She looked at the source of the sound.

Hermione Miller. Carol had talked to her a few times in the past. Nice girl, as far as she could tell. Unfortunately, she also wasn't known to be particularly bright (though to be honest, that might have sounded hypocritical coming from "Cadet Carol". She seemed... disturbingly cheerful right now.

Carol could only stare as Simon told her to quiet down, but Hermione continued on, rambling about... camp food. Carol clenched her fist. Did she not know where she was?! She was just running around asking about breakfast and even just after the announcement, she was happy and cheerful and bright-eyed and-

That's when Carol gritted her teeth.

It took a lot to get her upset at other people. Normally, when Carol got upset, it was at a game, not an actual, physical person. But Hermione was really pushing it. How could she be so happy? And she even thought they were playing hide and seek. She was starting to get on her nerves, to be honest. Now was definitely not the best time. Maybe earlier or later, she would have been nicer to her, helping her out, and explaining things to her.

But now? She really wasn't in the mood.

"Hermione... I'm really not in a good mood right now. We don't have any breakfast food aside from bread and water, and... did you even hear the announcement? Really?" she snapped.

She placed her face in her hands again, wiping her eyes a bit. The tears had stopped for the moment, but she clearly wasn't in the best shape. Her eyes had become tinged with red from all the crying that she did, for starters, and was just starting to sting.

What was she going to do now?

Maybe they should go back to walking. Maybe they should look for Ben and Jacob, or possibly even Reiko, and anyone Simon, Rein, and Kari wanted to look for. She really had no clue. Should they continue talking to Hermione? But then what?

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