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((Kayla McArthur continued from Words Can't Bring Me Down.))

Kayla was becoming a little short tempered. She wasn't fond of walking across rough terrain, the announcement earlier that day had grated on her nerves, and she still wasn't out of this fugging forest. To top if off, there was a smell of wood smoke from somewhere. That caused additional stress. Her traveling companion was thankfully quiet most of the time.

And now something changed. There was a scream, which caused Kayla to jump slightly. It was a scream made in rage; she had heard enough of them to recognize it. Her traveling companion apparently hadn't. Kayla turned slightly, setting the point of her sword into the dirt as she considered her reply.

"I heard it. I don't think someone died. The scream seemed to be more angry than hurt, although I couldn't make out the words."
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