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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Yeah, that sounded about right for her addition to the conversation. Felicia was quickly drifting away into the land of electronic sheep and counting coconut crabs or whatever other nonsense there was to do when one was basically in an 8-hour coma. Soon, the girl could be wherever she wanted to be, maybe flying even twice as high as any butterfly in the sky. Her dreams would probably be some sort of metaphysical form of her intense desire to just go back home, something Felicia could only grasp at the moment because she was still half-awake.

She WAS making her best efforts to sleep. Indeed, she was well on her way, and nothing short of little bunny foo foo coming out of nowhere and beating the ever loving shit out of her was going to stop that, but sleep was hardly ever immediate, no matter who you were or how exhausting your day had been. That being said, it was with some mild (and sleepy) amusement that Felicia could pick out the voices of Melissa and Aislyn. Whenever the latter girl spoke, Felicia just mentally added the two screamed words 'MY SHOES!' It was enough to cause one of her sleepy exhales to be riddled with the skeleton of a giggle.

One of the last things Felicia could pick out before falling deeper into her slumber was something about a 'tree branch'. Who knew what Aislyn wanted a tree branch for, though. ... Seriously, a tree branch? Maybe to build a lean-to or use as a walking stick, seeing as they were on a mountain. Then again, they weren't walking, and if they were, well... fuck that, Felicia was still taking her freaking nap. Fuck that walk. The only viable option remaining was to use the tree branch as a weapon but... really?

How the fuck do you kill somebody with a tree branch?

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