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She could tell. Shit. Was it that obvious? He wasn't about to lead off with the big reveal. He needed to ease her into it, so she could understand why what had happened had happened. That he knew he'd made a mistake. That it was safe for her to stay with him. That, frankly, he needed her to stay with him. That he had nothing else left to keep him from losing his mind, as far as he knew.

Gulp. He probably should keep that last part to himself, actually.

Still, this next one could take a minute.

"Then please, promise me you'll stay with me. Whatever happens, you're going home." You, not we. He wasn't going to promise her anything he only might deliver. He glanced around for cameras, pulling the notebook close as he wrote. "You, and anyone else we can help. I don't know how yet, but the means don't matter. Only the end. You'll see your family again. I promise you that. Just stay with me. Please."

He paused, before adding in one more sentence.

"I love you, and nothing that happens here will change that."

There were better times to let that out, but for all he knew, he'd never get another chance.
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