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How cute.
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She had been smiling, she had been nice, she'd tried to appear as non-threatening as possible while Micheal spoke; Of course, as she listened to Micheal speak, it probably would have been better to shut him up as fast as possible. Maybe stomp on his foot or put a hand over his mouth, or even just interrupt him before he ended up swallowing his foot; But she hadn't done anything to stop him, hadn't done anything to interrupt his well meaning if awkward little speech. There wouldn't be much point to it, she thought, since is was quite obvious he was just putting hit foot in his mouth; He couldn't come off as threatening the moment he opened his mouth, even to these girls... right?

And then he finished.

Perhaps she should have stopped him from talking, kept him from continuing his awkward fumbling, kept him from ever mentioning the thought of killing them or saying the absolute dumbest things; Instead of appearing non-threatening and kind, appearing normal and offering no signs of participating in this 'game', they came off as more than a little disturbed and apparently looked like potential threats. Sofia couldn't help but turn to Micheal with a questioning look, tempted to do something to smack a little sense into the boy beside her, but before she could do anything Jackie shouted and screamed with all her might; Something that surprised Sofia more than their sudden appearance, sending a chill down her spine as soon as it happened.

It all went wrong.

It all fell down around them.

"We weren't--"

She was set back by another shout from Jackie, another shrill scream coming from the small girl in front of her, only snapping back when she saw Jackie grab her things and begin running as fast as she could in the other direction; She wanted to stop her, to call out to her, to apologize and prove she wasn't going to do anything, but all she could do was stand and watch as the other girl stood up and followed after Jackie. The parting gift of a rude gesture only made things worse as Sofia stood in disbelief, cursing herself and her futile efforts, beating herself up for just standing there and doing nothing; Should couldn't help but doubt her decision to relax and let her guard down, looking to Micheal and doubting her decision to stay there, to stay near him. She should have just run when she had the chance, done what Jackie and Allie had done and put as much distance as she could between herself and the source of potential danger.

"Damn it..."

She lowered herself back down to the ground, sitting down and running her hand over the length of the lead pipe that she held; As long as she had this, she could defend herself, but she would always appear as a threat to people who weren't as well armed or people who were filled with even more fear than she was. She tried being angry and keeping all that rage she had earlier, but failed. She tried being kind, smiling and extending a hand when she could, but that failed. She was starting to doubt if she could do anything right, but she pushed aside her doubts and brought a hand up to the hairpin holding back her hair; She had promised to get back home, so that's what she had to do. She wanted to find Tony and that is what she was going to do.

She still had a road to follow.

"I'm going to try and find Tony..."

She looked up at Micheal with glassy, tear filled eyes and a weak smile; Despite this, however, her voice wasn't weak or soft. She knew what she had to do and had long since made her decision to follow the path she'd chosen; This had been an obstacle, but she had to push beyond it. She had to. She wasn't going to let anything get in her way, she wasn't going to let anyone keep her from her goals. She had to get home, to see Tony again, to have the time to figure out what it was she really wanted, to life her life as she wanted to. She might need help, she might run into problems, but she would push past all of them as long as she could; She had to keep her promise.

"You going to go after them, see if they might need help?"

She stood up.

"You could always come with me, so long as you don't put your foot in your mouth again."

She touched the hairpin once again.

"But I've got a promise to keep."

Turning, she started to walk away.

Her path was chosen.

Nothing would stand in her way.

"Oh yeah... fuck Danya."

[Girl #101 - Sofia Martelli. Continued in Cleanliness and Loneliness.]
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