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((Rosa Fiametta continued from One of Three))

Rosa hadn't covered a whole lot of ground, so far as she could tell (and she wasn't the best at reading maps), and it was beginning to gnaw at her. She might've been in shape, but she was hardly an athlete. The soccer team had picked her up for one or two games, wondering if she was as good as her sister, but had soon found the answer to be, well... that she wasn't. So far as that sport went, Frankie was on another level, but then, Rosa hadn't been surprised to find that out, and really, she hadn't really been too concerned. It wasn't about being good for her, it was a matter of fitness, and maybe having a bit of fun. Letting loose, that was for... other times. Anyway, fact was, Rosa wasn't moving fast, and that was setting her on edge.

She didn't have time to waste dawdling. She'd already spent long enough with that nonesense back at the cottage, too busy sitting around feeling sorry for herself to even think about what kinds of trouble Ily and Frankie could be in. Rosa's first thoughts weren't usually for her siblings, but in this situation, it seemed utterly appalling that they hadn't been. They'd been on family, or more accurately, a particular family member. Bitterly, Rosa wondered whether Junior was hoping for some miraculous intervention, or was just rooting for Ilario to win the whole thing. That'd be a badge of honour to brag about for his favourite, huh?

"Fuck Junior," Rosa spat sullenly as she trudged through the undergrowth. She pulled up and looked around her for a few moments. She couldn't see any at that particular moment, but she knew that there had to be cameras around. Rosa smirked. "Yeah, you hear that Junior? I said fuck you."

Oddly, that actually made her feel a little better.

Rosa continued walking, but forced her thoughts from the gnawing knot of anxiety that was eating away at her. What was she going to do if she ran into somebody hostile? It wasn't as if she was holding hidden knockout power in her hands, or could bluff her way through a confrontation by brandishing a weapon around. Rosa's 'weapons' weren't anything you could use in a fight. Handy? She supposed they were, but Rosa had a feeling that she'd be feeling a lot more comfortable had she drawn something a little more substantial. She didn't think she'd have liked carrying a gun around, but it would've made for much better security. Although having said that, a weapon in the Fiametta's hands could have made the standoff with Vera far worse...

Urgh, stop chasing it in circles. What'd better keep us all safe? Walkie talkies, or a gun? Yeah exactly.

So... what was there she could do? Running seemed like the most attractive proposition. Rosa was pretty fleet of foot, and if somebody came upon her for example in these very woods, she didn't expect she'd have much trouble losing them. The trouble with that particular tactic came with situations like had come up in the station. Namely, what if she was cornered? Being quick on your feet didn't help if the only place you had to run into was a corner.

At length, the Fiametta stopped and heaved a long sigh. There was always... one thing that she could try. One resource that she had at her disposal. One that Rosa had exploited many times in the past before shying away from the distress it had inevitably caused. An advantage she had that, well, she plainly didn't want to consider using. ...Except it didn't seem as if she had much of a choice but to make it an option. If it meant it could bring her closer to finding Ily and Frankie, or hell save her own hide, then... the sacrifice would have to be made.

Goddammit. ...Right, let's make this quick.

Rosa dumped both of her bags on the ground at the base of a tree trunk and began rooting through the duffle, searching through the possessions they'd allowed her to keep to get what she was after. Namely, her clothes. Sifting through the disorganised pile of tops, jeans, skirts and occasional item of underwear, the Fiametta began to pick out individual articles of clothing, attempting to pick out an outfit for herself. This took a couple of minutes, although Rosa picked out just two pieces (after deciding against a few choices). Laid out before Rosa on the forest floor was a white tank top (with a bright pink, stylised broken heart design across the front) and a faded grey denim mini skirt.

She smiled, a little wistfully.

"Welcome back, Rosa," she murmured to herself.
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