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The faceless fear
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Tiffany gave Quincy a soft, gentle smile. The sucker was falling for her and hard. He’d already called her his boss, a sign that she was doing well with her manipulation of him. These first few moments of contact were key. If she didn’t play her cards right, she would eventually lose him to his ex girlfriend, if she ever decided to show her face, that is.

She watched as he searched through his bag and suppressed a laugh of scorn at his puzzled expression over the etch-a-sketch. His lack of a weapon was an opportunity for her. The best way to earn a person’s trust was to make an outward display of “trust”. She pushed her bag over towards Quincy.

“I... I got a big gun in mine.” She murmured, “I don’t know how to use one, though and since you’re going to protect me... I mean, if it’s okay... with you, protecting me, that is. You can have it. I trust you.”

Time to play hardball. She needed this guy to lust after her, to depend on her beyond a normal level. She yawned and stretched, allowing Quincy to have just a little glimpse of her midriff before her hands tugged her shirt back down.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean for that to happen.” She said, putting on her most embarrassed face and yawning again “You look tired too... but... if you insist... We should... take... turns or something...”

She looked at Quincy, assessing the situation, then gave another little yawn and curled up on the ground. Within moments, she was asleep, with nothing to protect her against the elements. She had considered cuddling up to Quincy, but had realised that he wasn’t quite ready for it.

There would be time enough for that soon.
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