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A sudden coldness came over Mary Ann as R.J. left her, even if only briefly. She wrapped her arms around herself as she silently watched him retrieve his bags, approaching him again when he returned to find the book. She started to reach out to find it herself- but he was already rummaging through the bag. Don't find don't find don't fi- crap. Seeming to know exactly what they were, he tucked them away quickly- but Mary Ann had caught him anyway. Oh well, not like he meant to. She knew better than to start a distracting argument when she wasn't even upset with him, especially right now- but that didn't stop the burning feeling that had spread across her face. Focus.

R.J. found what he was looking for and sat down with Mary Ann quickly following, tenderly resting her head against his leg as she kneeled on the ground next to the stump. She watched as letters, and then words appeared with the movement of his hand- YOU. KNOW... I know what? She suddenly remembered how much she hated being watched while writing. however, so she turned her head away until she felt him stop writing. What do I know?

After several minutes, he stopped, shining the unapologetic light over the page that suddenly held new information- You know that I would do anything to see you go home safe, right?

Mary Ann's stomach dropped- she didn't particularly know what that meant, but something in her mind assured her that it didn't mean anything good. Her face twisted into a judgemental wince before she regained control of it- after that, all she could do was slowly nod, waiting for new words to confirm her fears.
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