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Miranda wholeheartedly agreed with what Lily said. Splitting up was a big no-no and was just asking for someone to get themselves killed, and Miranda was slightly relieved to hear that Sarah had also agreed with her, although their opinions would have outweighed Sarah's by two to one.

She carefully looked at Sarah's hand, watching it delve into the pocket and pull out a tiny object that turned out to be a small key. 'Good lord. That weapon's even crappier than mine!' Miranda thought, staring at the key. 'Now I really do hope Lily did have a gun, just so we're not completely screwed over.'

Sarah commented that she wasn't sure that it was her actual weapon, but Miranda wouldn't have put it past Danya, or whoever was in charge of distributing the weapons; Saul got a freaking Magic 8-Ball as his 'weapon' after all. What was the point of that? How did that give him a hope in hell of surviving, how did it give her one, or Sarah? Long answer short, it didn't. It just basically sentenced them to an early grave at the hands of the better equipped students out there, an early grave that Sarah had apparently narrowly escaped from.

"I don't know exactly what we should do now, but I think we should stick together for the moment at least," Miranda answered.

Right there and then, Miranda had just sentenced herself to sticking around Lily for so much longer. Even though she couldn't stand the girl for prying into other people's businesses, Lily had a better weapon than both her and Sarah combined. So leaving her behind was just asking for someone to come along and eliminate her.

"Although... we should probably think about moving somewhere else, we're like sitting ducks in this part of the island," she added on, looking around at the area. It was largely flat with only a few stacks of logs to hide behind. All the trees that could have supplied them with plenty of cover had been chopped down long ago.

However, something that Sarah had said earlier stuck in Miranda's mind.

"Hang on, Sarah, there's something I don't get. You say you don't want to run into someone who's killing people, but by asking us to split up and search around, you were pretty much telling us to do just that," she spoke, challenging her earlier statement.
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